When I wrestled my HbA1c-a measure of glucose in the blood averaged over a month- of 13.5 mg/dl down to 5.7 mg/dl within 4 months of being diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes primarily by diet changes and exercise, my doctor sat up and began peppering me with questions. She took notes about how I managed to achieve that meteoric drop. That was the first clue that I might be onto something here that could help others.


I hope my story of managing Type 2 inspires you, that the ‘what’ furthers your understanding or perspective and the ‘how-to’ enables you take it out of the realm of ‘more- stuff-I-know-but-don’t-do into being able to apply it in real life. This blog ( and the book I’m writing on this same topic) will cover what I’m continually learning from scouring the literature, subscribing to evidence-based online groups and culling from the sciences of psychology, medicine, nutrition, neuroscience, biochemistry and…the Dharma, the ‘secret ingredient’ without which, I doubt any of the level of change and control attained and sustained, would have been possible.


This blog will not include funny adorable cat moves to music, as I don’t have a cat!


Although Type 2 diabetes will be focused upon, the main theme will be larger, mainly how mindfulness can assist in facilitating change. If you or someone you love struggles to self-manage their Type 2, with or without insulin or oral medications, this blog will be of help. If Type 2 isn’t the health concern or issue, this could still be of use. Change is change, no matter what it is we must approach differently.


I’ve helped people made internal and external changes in their lives since 1989 in either my psychotherapy or coaching practice. I’ve practiced mindfulness meditation for almost as long. When I began to notice for myself how effective an agent of change it is, I slowly integrated it into my clinical work. It had begun to feel unethical to withhold it from clients. And I took note of the shifts that occurred in my clients lives when I did.


Since than, mindfulness has become my primary way of helping ease others suffering, make noticeable changes in their lives, and feel more calm, less reactive and increase their functioning.


This applies to healthcare too. This blog offers not just the ‘what’ but the ‘how-to’ wrap your mind around such daunting propositions that are required to self-manage Type 2 insulin-free.

Reminder, your body may respond differently, this is a very individualized disease.

I don’t offer medical advice, merely share what worked for me, and offer ways for anyone needing to make paradigm shifts.