Bread craving, Part 2.

If you read my post about garlic bread, maybe you found it amusing. I still laugh at myself over that mistaken image!

Well, guess what…

I certainly didn’t anticipate it’d happen again!

Woolly Mammoth Tooth

Doesn’t it look like a loaf of crispy bread?


Look at the photo on the page that appeared in my local newspaper recently. What flashes through your mind?

Our brain recognizes the image of something we’ve seen before, and named. We don’t have to think about it, our brain does that on its own.

So look again at that image, and what does your brain label it as?

Without reading the caption, the first thought in my mind was “…ohh, artisan bread, crusty, chewy…good toasted…hot butter dripping…perhaps with jam, or cheese…”

My mind did a number on me with this one! Strong desire to eat a tasty slice (or two) of bread arose, seamlessly embellished, elaborated, a fantasy-driven ride taking me along a much desired, but now forbidden journey. One I luxuriated in countless times in the past, albeit briefly before indulging in the actual food.

Did I mention that good bread, fresh or toasted, is the one food I miss more than anything else?

So there I was, at breakfast of course, the trickiest meal of all for low-carbers, salivating, drooling over an image of…

‘two pieces of a 10-inch-long woolly mammoth tooth’.

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