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Bread craving, Part 2.

If you read my post about garlic bread, maybe you found it amusing. I still laugh at myself over that mistaken image!   Well, guess what…   I certainly didn’t anticipate it’d happen again!     Look at the photo on the page that appeared in my local newspaper recently. What flashes through your mind? […]

Is that garlic bread? Cravings will trick you. Part 1.

Of course, knowing what to eat is different from enjoying it.   Eating is among the major pleasures for most of us. We don’t like to tinker with it especially if it involves deprivation. I’ve had to severely constrict my eating options, yet I didn’t realize how restricted or deprived I felt until one fateful […]

It’s OK to cry over your food!

I’ve developed this great habit I want to share with you… I learnt to minimize my lifelong preference for carbohydrates to avoid the nasty health repercussions if I ate them. This practice came sharply into focus during my initial attempts to alter my eating habits, when it felt like I was denying myself, which I […]