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Nuts, bolts and successful Type 2 strategies.

Many people have inquired about the specifics of how I personally control my condition. Breaking with my usual focus on the behavioral aspects of management, I thought I’d share more about the nuts and bolts that I find helpful, or essential. Because something works for me, there’s no guarantee it’ll do the same for you. […]

Mindfully Managing the Holidays – my interview on the Discuss Diabetes Blog

It’s hard to believe the holiday season is fast approaching! This time of year presents many challenges for those of us living with Type 2. I recently spoke with Laura Kolodjeski of the Discuss Diabetes Blog about how we can use mindfulness to continue eating for maximum health and wellness – even during the holidays! Click here to read […]

“I’ve never told anyone this, but…”

      Someone emailed me recently in response to a post I wrote. Like myself, this person lives with Type 2 diabetes. But astoundingly, aside from their doctor, they have told no one! That they disclosed this information to me speaks to the sense of safety in the anonymity of email. This person confessed […]