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6 Ways to Avoid What 26 Million People Have

Please check out my guest post running this week over at Dumb Little Man, where I give 6 tips about Type 2 diabetes prevention. I’d love to hear your comments! You may also want to share with friends and family who are interested in ways to avoid Type 2.

Have you ever forgiven yourself?

During formal forgiveness practices taught on certain meditation retreats, you can hear the proverbial pin drop as we’re led to contemplate the various stages (those who’ve harmed us intentionally or unintentionally, or either other people or ourselves whom we’ve harmed intentionally or unintentionally). Yet, when if comes to the part of forgiving ourselves, tears often […]

A A R R – 4 Ways I Benefited from Feeling Afraid

It may sound odd to see fear as being good for you. If we feel afraid, most of us don’t want to linger there, hanging out in its company. We want to get the hell away through any means possible, to stop that disturbing feeling. For in its presence, we feel small, vulnerable and young, […]