Coaching individuals with diabetes to set and achieve improved health outcomes.


Feeling daunted by the intense daily management insulin-free Type 2 requires?

Can’t say I blame you, it IS intense. No vacations…we’re talking change-for-life here.


I began with that premise myself when first diagnosed with Type 2 and an A1c of 13.5! 5 months later it was down to 6! A coaching client I worked with reduced his A1c to below 7 the first time in over 8 years! How can this be achieved? As a behavioral change specialist, and on the same path as you, I deeply understand the issues you face. Mindfulness helps by increasing your awareness of what choices and actions you take.


By helping my client to pay attention, his improved decision making led to behavioral changes. Rather than dreading his doctor visits having to explain his disappointing numbers, now the only ‘highs’ are the high fives from his doctor!


How Health Coaching Works. 


Let me help you develop new effective and healthy routines or habits. Creating an intention to improve how you take care of yourself is an act of self-compassion. Bringing all my expertise to your circumstances, together we’ll create a personalized infrastructure to move you forward in your life by bringing your healthcare under control, step by step.


What sort of techniques are used in coaching?


I will usually help the client to make specific, SMART goals.

SMART stands for:

* Specific
* Measurable
* Achievable
* Realistic
* Time bound.

The SMART goal technique helps encourage specificity in clients and also helps clients to monitor how quickly they are making progress.


How would a typical coaching session go?


Often coaches use well-established procedures that generally have a snappy acronym.
One model is CEDIR. This enables us to ‘cut to the chase’ or to quickly get to the ‘bottom line’.
It goes:

* Clarify
* Establish goal
* Develop action plan
* Implement it
* Review.

Obviously, the implementation takes place between sessions and the review is generally made when we next meet.
This model gets you focused on moving on – and eliminates unnecessary detail or chatter.


Another common model is GROW – which stands for :

* establish the Goal
* examine the Reality
* consider all the Options
* confirm the Will to act.


Think of these structures as being like scaffolding, you know it’s there holding things up, but not something to focus on.

Starting where you’re at right now ensures easy success by ascertaining the steps are within reach. Accomplishing attainable, personalized goals builds self-confidence. This burgeoning confidence in turn manifests into your ability to progress.


Go at your own pace. Setting a goal that’s too high (or wanting it to happen too quickly) is a recipe for disaster, a set-up to not be successful.


Number and Frequency of Sessions


To see if we’re a match…free 15-20 minute consult.  No paperwork, contract, commitment, just to see if we’re right for each other (hey, it is a relationship after all).


Cautious but curious?


Single 45 minute consultations scheduled at your own pace.


Ready to move on it?


Gotta say, the best results are gained from a series of coaching sessions. Read on, or contact me now…


Interested in the series?


Good choice! Purchase an entire packet, and get a 10% discount on 4 sessions, or 15% on the 8 or 12 session packets. FREE SHIPPING, NO TAX… (just joking!)


  • 4 sessions in person, by phone or video conference (45 minute sessions) 10 % discount
  • 8 sessions in person, by phone or video conference. Between-session support: brief “check-in” exchanges, by email or phone. 15% discount
  • 12 sessions in person, by phone, video or any combination. Between-session support: brief “check-in” exchanges, by email or phone. 15% discount. Free ’13th’ session bonus!


Scheduling goes according to your needs and progress, although weekly sessions definitely brings the best results.




Speaks to your determination that you’ve read this far. Bet you’re wondering what the rates are and why you can’t find them? After all, isn’t that we all want to know, how much it’s going to cost! This important information often is discussed during the free consultation.


One thing I’ve learned in over 2 decades of helping others change is that one-size doesn’t fit all, including fees. For that reason I prefer to have that conversation with you. I value my time and expertise, and equally respect yours.


Contact me now to begin to take control over your health and improve your quality of life.


If it comes down to choosing between groceries or coaching, this probably isn’t the right time for you.


But choosing between non-essentials and better health isn’t an option. Without your health, there’s not much quality of life.


Consider this service as you would paying a copay or for supplements, it’s all healthcare!


What would you pay for a better quality of life, for being healthier?


Coaching or Therapy?


Coaching or consultation deals with formulating a realistic individual plan to manage your health, moving you forward towards your goal. In this model, we don’t address working through deeper issues.

If you feel that you’re in emotional pain, or recognize deeper seated issues are present, consider therapy. As a licensed psychotherapist, I’m available to work in person or via Skype with California residents only.