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Feeling daunted by the intense management insulin-free Type 2 requires?


Can’t say I blame you, it IS intense. No vacation, lazy days, maybe try for a while…we’re talking change-for-life here. One client I worked with reduced his A1c to below 7 the first time in over 8 years! How? By helping him to pay attention, his improved decision making led to behavioral changes. Rather than dreading his doctor visits because of having to explain his disappointing numbers, now the only ‘highs’ are the high fives from his doctor!


How Health Coaching or Consultation Works


Let me help you develop new effective and healthy routines or habits. Creating an intention to improve how you take care of yourself is an act of self-compassion. Bringing all my expertise to your circumstances, together we’ll create a personalized infrastructure to move you forward in your life, step by step.


We’ll begin by taking an overall look at your life in all the relevant categories – how and what you eat, sleep patterns, exercise (if any), how you manage your stress (or not). Of course, anything which is unique to your circumstances is factored in. This is the starting place. From here, I’ll help you decide upon realistic goals.

Taking this all into consideration, together we’ll develop a plan that moves you step by step along towards your goals in a timeline that is reality based.

No false promises here, but practically based actions utilizing proven theories of behavioral change for how people can and do make attitudinal and behavioral change, all personally tailored to work for the unique being you are.

Starting where you’re at right now ensures easy success by ascertaining the steps are within reach. Accomplishing attainable, personalized goals builds self-confidence. This burgeoning confidence in turn manifests into your ability to progress.

Go at your own pace. Setting a goal that’s too high (or wanting it to happen too quickly) is a recipe for disaster, a set-up to not be successful.


Number and Frequency of Sessions


Let’s get to the freebie first-off. Initial quickie to see if we’re a match…free 15 minute consult (which sometimes runs longer!) No paperwork, contract, commitment, just to see if we’re right for each other (hey, it is a relationship after all). It’ll give you a taste of coaching without the financial outlay.


Cautious but curious? A one-off consultation (either single 45 minutes, or double 1.5 hours).


Ready to move on it? Gotta say, the best results are gained from a series of coaching sessions. Read on, or contact me now…


Interested in the series? Good choice! Purchase an entire packet, and get a 10% discount on 4 sessions, or 15% on the 8 or 12 session packets. FREE SHIPPING, NO TAX… just joking!

  • 4 sessions in person, by phone, video, or any combination (45 minute sessions) 10 % discount
  • 8 sessions in person, by phone, video or any combination. Between-session support: brief “check-in” exchanges, by email (100 words maximum), phone or voicemail. 15% discount
  • 12 sessions in person, by phone, video or any combination. Between-session support: brief “check-in” exchanges, by email, phone or voicemail. 2 emails weekly of up to 200 words maximum). 15% discount


Scheduling goes according to your needs and progress, although weekly sessions definitely brings the best results.




Speaks to your determination that you’ve read this far. Bet you’re wondering what the rates are and why you can’t find them? After all, isn’t that we all want to know, how much it’s going to cost!

One thing I’ve learned in over 2 decades of helping others change is that one-size doesn’t fit all, including fees. For that reason I prefer to have that conversation with you. I value my time and expertise, and equally respect yours. I’m confident we can agree upon a packet and a fee that works for us both. Contact me to take control over your health and improve you quality of life.

If it comes down to groceries or coaching, this probably isn’t the right time for this service. But choosing between non-essentials and better health isn’t an option. Without your health, there’s not much quality of life. Consider this service as you would paying copays or for supplements, it’s all healthcare!

What would you pay for a better quality of life, for being healthier?


Coaching or Therapy?


Coaching or consultation is not the same process or relationship as therapy. If you feel that you’re stuck by deeper seated internal or external obstacles, and are considering therapy, as a licensed psychotherapist I’m available to work with California residents only.

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