Mindfully Managing Diabetes with Dr. Josie LevineWelcome to Mindfully Managing Diabetes. This blog is for everyone who is interested in how mindfulness matters. Most especially, it’s for the estimated 360 million people worldwide living with Type 2 diabetes, or the many millions more impacted by a loved one with the chronic condition. But you don’t have to have diabetes to find insanely helpful and inspiring wisdom here. Being mindful is the key.

I have a deeply personal desire to help those who aspire to manage their Type 2 diabetes insulin-free incorporating a mindful approach. I’m Dr Josie Levine, a psychotherapist, health coach and mindfulness practitioner. I’ve lived with Type 2 diabetes since 2009. My HbA1c went from 13.5 mg/dl at diagnosis to 5.7 within 4 months. It continues to hover between 5.5 and 6, a non-diabetic level.

Mindfulness matters in every part of your life. When I was diagnosed, in order to make the huge changes necessary to manage it without insulin, I sincerely doubt that I could have done it without a mindfulness practice. It’s the secret ingredient that enabled me to successfully make and sustain the paradigm shifts in 5 major areas essential to Type 2 control. Those are diet or nutrition, exercise, sleep, stress management, medication and/or supplements.

In this blog, I’ll regularly post in those areas with educational helpful hints and take-way tips to inspire or enlighten you. Topics often will be related to self-managed Type 2, but other ways that mindfulness can better your life will be included.

Your input is truly, incredibly important! I encourage and welcome dialogue, questions, comments. Lets grow this mindful community together.


Leave me a comment letting me know what is it that you most need help with around your managing Type 2! The most common topics people ask for will be rewarded in a post addressing the topic! The first person to request on the most common topic will win a free 45 minute session!

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(Disclaimer: Information in this blog is not medical advice, nor meant to substitute for individually working with your doctor.)